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These challenging times have changed the guest experience at dine-in and drinking establishments. Single-use menus mean that you’re either printing the menus as-needed, or you’re providing a means for your guests to view them on their devices. Either way, Green Peak Imaging Solutions is ready to help.

Disposable Menus

Lexmark Brand printers will allow you to print your menus right from the printer at the touch of an icon on the screen. Need more menues? Copy them with the built-in copier. 

Volume Menu Printing

How many customers do you serve per month? The answer to this is important when you are considering what type of printer you will need to produce your disposable menus.

Color or Monochrome?

Color provides an attractive enhancement to your menus. If cost per page savings is imperative, a crisp monochrome print solution is best. Let us help you decide based on your needs and priorities.

Custom Sizes?

Custom sized menus are not a problem with Lexmark printers. With a higher-capacity tray system, your menus will print flawlessly each time.

Menus Change Daily

Edit and save your menus locally on the printer, on an in-house computer or laptop or in the cloud every day. Do it real-time as items are added when you 86 an item. Flexibility is key and it is possible with Lexmark.

Branded and Bonded Paper

Want to add an extra touch to your guest’s experience? Lexmark printers can print on bonded paper and card stock in volume without a hitch. Add your color brand to each menu to customize the experience for your guest.

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